Panel Discussion: Careers in Research and Development (presented by BD Biosciences)

by Beyond Academia at UCSB

Discussion Graduate Student Experience

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Tue, Apr 12, 2022

10:30 AM – 11:30 AM PDT (GMT-7)

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The research and development panels gives participants a chance to hear from leading experts who transferred their scientific skills to industries such as communication/biosensors, topological qubits, and biosciences. Panelist will address how they transferred their niche technical skills from grad school to industry, share what a day in their job looks like, and advise you on how to succeed as a scientist in industry.


Emily Toomey ( she slash her )'s profile photo

Emily Toomey (she/her)

Quantum Device Engineer

Microsoft Quantum

I am currently a researcher at Microsoft's Station Q. My background is in the measurement and fabrication of nanoscale devices, with a focus on superconducting materials. Prior to joining Microsoft, I was at the Laboratory for Physical Sciences conducting research on hybrid superconductor-semiconductor systems. I received my PhD in electrical engineering from MIT, where I developed superconducting nanowire devices for neuromorphic computing applications.

Aaron Middlebrook ( he slash him )'s profile photo

Aaron Middlebrook (he/him)

Senior Staff Scientist

BD Biosciences

I received a BS in cell biology from UC Santa Cruz and then a doctorate in Immunology from the University of Arizona. My graduate work focused on T Cell development and led me postdoctoral fellowships at UCSF’s Gladstone Institute where I studied thymic reconstitution in HIV. I starting working in R&D at BD Biosciences in 2010. My work at BD involves developing flow cytometry based sample prep tools and analysis platforms. Currently I am the applications lead for our imaging cytometry platform in which I manage a small team and work closely with our hardware and software teams to develop cutting edge cell analysis tools.

Soyon Kim ( she slash her )'s profile photo

Soyon Kim (she/her)


Beyond Meat

Soyon Kim is a Scientist at Beyond Meat, where she works on developing a meat alternative by applying her scaffolding expertise. She got her PhD at UCLA bioengineering department, and her research focused on biomaterials design for bone tissue engineering applications. She expanded her research interest to drug delivery utilizing nanoparticles and scaffold modification during her postdoc at UCLA school of dentistry.

Miaoqi Zhu ( he slash him )'s profile photo

Miaoqi Zhu (he/him)

Senior R&D Software Engineer

Sony Pictures Entertainment

1. Education Background: Computer Information Systems, Human-Computer Interaction, Imaging / Computer Graphics; 2. Research in Academia: HCI and Computer Games 3. Current Work: Image and Video Processing, Machine Learning, Production Pipeline.

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