Workshop: How to Do It All - Balancing Your PhD and Preparing for a Job Search

by Beyond Academia at UCSB

Workshop Graduate Student Experience

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Tue, Apr 12, 2022

9 AM – 10 AM PDT (GMT-7)

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Contrary to popular belief, the closer you get to finishing your PhD the busier you are. And now you're supposed to add looking for a job on top of that? In this workshop, we will show you how to have it all. Join us to discover your timeline and how you can be proactive in your job search process by optimizing tools and resources to help you succeed in finishing both your degree and getting that top-notch job.


Lana Smith-Hale ( she slash her )'s profile photo

Lana Smith-Hale (she/her)

Graduate Career Counselor

UCSB Career Services

With over 6 years of career counseling at UCSB, Lana has a pretty good idea of the unique challenges, concerns but overall great potential graduate students face when looking for non-academic jobs. It's not easy, but with a LCSW-trained, expert in career transitions for advanced degrees, higher ed professional on your side, Lana can help make this journey much more enjoyable while maximizing your career options. From her supportive and empathetic, yet practical advice to her breadth of resources, Lana is sure to help set you on the right path towards your future.

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