Mon, Nov 7, 2022

2 PM – 5 PM PST (GMT-8)

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Come join us the first Monday of each month any time between 2-5pm at St. Michael's Church and become a part of our movement to reconnect with our soil, food, and each other! Within the three hour window, you are welcome to spend as much time as you want at any of our three stations:

Station 1: Join us at our table!
Take home educational material on composting, stickers, patches, zines, and free samples of compost to use on your garden or houseplants. Share your ideas or simply meet and chat with the team!

Station 2: Make your own worm bin!
Learn how to make your own worm bin (a method of composting at home) and learn how to care for it! All supplies are reused/second hand and provided by IVCC free of charge
Take home a pamphlet with FAQ's and how to's. Get your hands dirty helping us maintain our community compost piles.

Station 3: Volunteer with us! (community service hours)
Learn how to take the temperature of the piles and test their moisture level. Benefit from the bacterium living in soil that releases chemicals that boost serotonin levels!

Composting is one of the single greatest actions a community can take to combat climate change, and IV Compost Collective would love to show you why!

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